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Upcoming DJ Gigs Abroad

Hiddey ho neighbouroonies!

Just a brief note about some upcoming gigs over the next month.

Have some super cool sets coming up and I have lots of fun new music to make you all get out and dance.  I've really been digging the electro swing sounds as of late because they are a little bit different than the sounds that are coming down the line these days.  I am working on a new mix of Gypsy-swing and electro-swing today.  Hopefully I get it finished tonight so you get a chance to have a listen to what I'm talking about if you aren't familiar with this style of music.  I have also gathered a gang of Nu- Disco beats as well that I know you'll love!


Tuesday March 1st  - Tommy Africa's

spinning with Tim Livingstone

Kori K and I are doing another BC tour starting mid March.

I dont have all the names of the clubs we are playing, but Kori does and I'll post them soon.

  • March 16th- Kamloops
  • March 17th - Canmore
  • March 19th  - Revelstoke - Regent Hotel
  • March 20th - Revelstoke
  • March 22nd - Jasper
  • March 23rd  - Kelowna
  • March 24th  - Calgary - Hi Fi Club
  • March 26th -  Nelson  - The Spirit Bar

More info on all those gigs is coming soon.  As well I am changing the name of the group again and My DJ Monikor...I'm tired of being somebody else so I'll just be going by Chili Thom form now on to avoid confusion... if you do however see "Mr Fister" on a poster expect banging Electro and booty shaking dance beats.  If you see "Dr. Awesome"  I'll be playing all vinyl.

Thanks for the support!

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