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Too much awesome!!

After an epic 2 months of traveling I am finally back in the studio and teaming with inspiration. From visions of Dracula's castle under the full moon, a bone church with 40,000 human remains, the splendor of Prague and Graffiti in Berlin. To the wild vast expanse of the Yukon and the majestic wild of the Great Bear Rainforest. I have been blessed with trips full of maximum culture to maximum nature... and now it's time to hunker down and get it all out of my head onto the canvas!

My trip to Europe filled me with inspiration which came from the architecture and the artwork, which is quite strange for me because until now, my art has only been influenced by nature. But after experiences the beauty of Alphonse Mucha's "The Slav Epic" in Prague I have new direction. I have been looking for an artist to inspire me for my next round of commissions and I found him. The tattoo designs that will pop up at the end of the summer should be a great new treat and could possibly lead to some more cool T-shirt designs. Here are a couple of cool shots from my Europe trip.

2 weeks after I returned home from my time in Europe I was off again for 10 days to canoe 420 kms down the Yukon River with friends. The water was high and there weren't many places to get off the river for a rest...but wow, what an adventure. WE became seriously inspired to work on a new horror movie for the Film Festival I put on with my friend in the fall. and we shot lots of amazing establishing shots while we were basking in the sunshine in the land of the midnight sun! On river I was inspired by one particular moment when the storm clouds lit up from behind. I snapped a picture and I stoked to get on to painting it once I cycle through all of my other commissions. Shortly after the picture was taken we got hammered by a thunder storm and the heaviest rain I have seen in Canada!

I had one day to chill out at home and do laundry before once again I was off...this time on an adventure with a purpose. I received the honor of being invited to join a project to make a difference. " Artists for an Oil Free Coast " is a project involving 50 BC artists including Robert Bateman and Roy Henry Vickers (to name a few) who have all ventured up the coastline of the Great Bear Rainforest to gain a personal connection to the area and create a piece of art that will be donated to the Raincoast Conservation Foundation to help raise awareness and funds to protect out fragile coastline. There will be a traveling art show as well as an amazing coffee table book featuring the work of all the artists and offering up photos from the area and information about the risks. A documentary film is being made as well about the project. I will keep you informed and up to date with information as it becomes available to me.

The route my group got to follow aboard 'Maple Leaf' was the proposed route they want to bring super tankers full of crude nasty tar sands oil along. After being in the area and learning first hand about all the hazards for the tankers and extreme environmental impact an inevitable spill would have on the fragile ecosystem it has hit home now more than ever for me that we MUST STOP this. In my adventures we save wolves, hung out with grizzly bears from about 10 meters away, experienced whales, sea lions, porpoises, eagles and got in the water first hand to ride the thin line between the aquatic world and the world above by snorkelling through kelp forests. If this pipeline goes through and tankers are allowed on our coastline it is only a matter of time until a catastrophic spill will occur. This will wipe out the delicate balance of our coastal waters and destroy one of the last rugged and pristine areas on the planet for decades.

A lot of people are just sitting idly by and thinking "what can I do? I'm just one voice!". Well... we need all of those lone voices to stand up and protect what can't protect itself. Here are some links for more information about what's at stake and what you can do about it. Please take the time to read these well laid out documents and then take a few minutes to write a letter to your local MP and the Canadian government in opposition of this ridiculous proposal. Also take the time to discuss this issue with friends and family and help raise awareness about it. In the information age KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. So take the time to educate yourself and your friends. Voice your opinion and help make a difference that will save our oceans and keep that little piece of pristine wilderness intact for future generations!

Here is a comprehensive site full of information and resources to get you the information you need to hear...not just the propaganda you are seeing on the TV's

PLEASE take the time to send a letter to both your local MP and to the review panel. Every single one counts so tell your friends and family and encourage them to speak up as well.

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