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The Ebb and Flow of the Seasons

There is no denying that our amazingly long or beautiful summer is over and winter is just around the corner.  If you live in or around the amazing mountains of BC you will see the snow is creeping down and preparing a nice solid base for another epic ski season... stoked for that!  the leaves are all falling and a chill is in the air so it's time to bundle up indoors and get to work in the studio.

Every year in October in the so called 'slow season' the Heavy Hitting Horrorfest is in full production mode.  Film makers and actors both locally as well as internationally are busy getting covered in fake blood and filming for this epic event.  The huge 1100 person crowd rolls into the Fairmont Hotel in Whistler decked out in insanley ellaborate costumes for one of the rowdiest and most exciting events on the West Coast.  The Festival was C0-Founded by myself and my best friend Feet Banks as a way to pass the time in the normally dreary month of October and keep our film making skills up to snuff.  The fest has now grown in to the largest and longest running Horror Film Festival in Western Canada and we are getting submissions from all around the world.  We had 4 entries from Spain, one from Brazil, Mexico, and all over Canada.  The huge success of the festival has led us to try to push it in a new direction next year and expand it into a multi-day menange of awesome! 

This year I made a crude and comedic spin off of The Wizard of OZ to honour it's 75th anniversary... but I don't think I quite honoured it the way you would expect.  You can check it out HERE... but be warned... it was custom made for a group of 1100 savages with the patience of a hummingbird on crack!  Not to be viewed by the easily offended ;).  "Tinman" was written, directed, partially filmed, edited and costumed by yours truly.  If I can pull this off on a shoestring budget and a skeleton crew imagine what I could do with a big team and a decent budget!

Now that the Horrorfest is over it's time to get onto the next seasonal wave and start to get ready for the next onslaught of commissions, gifts, markets and online orders.  I have a busy couple months ahead of me to be able to pull everything off and make sure I get all my orders sent out on time and my commissions finished before Christmas.   I am a one man show doing all my promotion, planning, ordering and shipping and painting.  On top of that I also have a number of regular DJ gigs in Whistler, am on the Board of Doirectors for BOTH the Whistler Arts Council and the Squamish Arts Council and juggling a number of other projects all at the same time.  Basically I am busy as all hell.  To top it all off I am going to be out of the Country from December 22nd until January 30th so I need to get all of my Christmas orders dialed and shipped before I go.

Why do I mention this you ask??  Because in order to get evrything done in time I am going to offer an incentive to get your Christmas orders done early this year.  If you are taking the time to read this blog post then you will get the coupon code to save 20% off all print orders until the end of November.

Feel free to share this offer with anyone.  Just use the coupon code : EARLY-XMAS    at checkout and save 20% just for making my life easier!

If you happen to be up in Whistler on November 30th or December 1st  swing by the Conference Centre in Whistler for the Bizarre Bazaar!  I'm going to have a booth there this year and I will have a bunch of mini originals, loads of prints and phone cases and laptop skins.  I will have as many litttle stocking stuffers as I can produce over the next few weeks.  Hope to see you there!

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