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Tales Of The B-Grade

10 years ago, while making pom poms for a Doctor Suess party with my best friend Feet Banks and partner KLC, an idea was sprung.  We were listening to a Fat Boy Slim album and there was a track called Green Jesus...jokingly I said to Feet "he would make a great superhero!".  we babbled on about making a movie about him and came up with a script idea.  The problem then was why would we make the movie and who would we show it to????  "Let's start a film festival!" I said to Feet.  There were so many talented ski and Snowboard film makers in town that sat around with Idle hands during the slow season and it was a perfect event to get the community involved and creative.  That was the birth of the Heavy Hitting B-Grade Horrorfest

We started off with only a handful of films in the first year and it was a real hack operation.  We had a projector balanced on a ladder in the middle of the Garibaldi Lift Company bar and showed the films played directly off the cameras.  Over the years we slowly evolved and then changed venues to Millenium Place in Whistler.  This venue would repeatedly sell out every year...the fastest sell out was 5 minutes after the tickets were released.  After this had gone on for several more years we decided that we had created a monster and we were ready for the big time.  So we got together with some more friends, Stu MacKay Smith (artistic and computer genius), Stu Andrews (Whistler Creek Productions) and Travis Tetreault (Heavy Hitting Films Founder) and made the move to The Chateau Whistler hotel where we could host 1100 people, which was a big up in size from the 250 we had had in years past.

Now 10 years later we have created the largest Horror Film Festival this side of Montreal and possibly the most savage event in all of Canada!! (we are currently looking for sponsors for next years event...if anyone can help out??!! )

This year I teamed up with friend Miles Wilkinson to create a Conan style EPIC with sword fighting and lots of skin.  The idea for this one sprung up as a child, but recently when I started to take Western and Japanese style sword fighting classes, I was hooked on the idea.  IN October we spent nearly 500hrs each, working day and night on the film.  Hiking 35 km to exotic locations for a 3 second shot, breaking fingers sword fighting on top of the chief, calling in favors and organizing plane and heli-cam fly-by's to get some amazing shots...this film definitely is an epic.   The Humor is a little twisted, but so is the event so it was a perfect fit.  WE split our film in 2 parts for the festival and made the cuts super fast paced with non stop action, comedy and blood.  After spending so much money and time on our film we are stoked up with costumes and props. So... over the next year we intend to shoot a bunch more scenes and piece together a solid hour long film out of our little idea.  I have never been so committed and worked so hard on a project in my life... I hope you enjoy!!

There is a link to the film on my last Blog post as well as on my Facebook Fan Page

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