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Summertime Happenings

I hope summer is going well for all of you so far...that is what summer there has been!  Up in the mountains here in Whistler it has been mighty cold and it is still snowing on the mountain tops on occasion...yikes!  All the excess snow will prolong my trip back to Glacier National Park to get the images I need to create my next piece for Parks Canada.  I have been commissioned to do one summer and one winter piece for them to be displayed in the Visitor's Center at Rogers Pass and I am really excited about that.  The Park is absolutely gorgeous in both the winter and the summer.  I have lucked out and have permission to stay in one of the Ranger/Research huts in the alpine during the summer for several days so I can explore the Park and get the images I need to create my next piece which will be of the amazing alpine flowers up high with a view of Swiss Peaks.  I should hopefully have the piece finished around late September.

Another really exciting thing coming down the line for me is an 8 day sailing trip in Haida Gwaii.  I have been commissioned by a great patron in Whistler to paint a few pieces of Burnaby Narrows  in Haida Gwaii and to get me inspired so that I am really connected to the area when I paint the piece he is taking me on a sailing trip up there to get me inspired.  My whole life I have felt blessed and incredibly lucky when it comes to opportunities like this.  From my years as a wilderness guide to my TV show "Wild at Heart" it seems as if I am meant to have these great experiences in the outdoors so that I can share the experiences through my art in an attempt to help others reconnect with their natural surroundings and treat Mother Nature with the respect that she deserves.  The piece I am doing for Lennox, the patron, will be of the tidal shallows rich in sea life that are so abundant in the Charlotte's.  I had attempted to do a piece many years ago with anemones and star fish in it, but it was before I had taught myself better colour and brush techniques.  I finally feel that now I finally have the skills to pull it off.

Speaking of skills, the last three pieces I have created have, in my eyes, been totally next level.  It feels as if I have reached the 10,000 hour mark(Malcom Gladwells theory laid out in his book "The Outliers")  in my painting career.  My hand seems to have steadied and my eye for colour has been refined yet again.  I feel the detail and the mood I have created in the last three pieces have helped me to realize a new level for which to take my art.  In an artists career this realization or new level of achievement is one of the most exciting things that can happen to you...aside from getting a show in the National Gallery (which will hopefully come soon).  It marks the stage where I can now turn ideas into reality.  All the years of concepts and sketches laid down in my sketch book can now finally come to fruition.  It feels as if now I am ready to get the grants I am seeking and the recognition I have been striving for.

Coming up in a few weeks I will be doing a live art piece at the Basscoast Music Festival in Squamish.  I have had an idea for several years to play with the idea of perspective and space to create art pieces.  I have received a small grant from the festival to put something together this year.  It wouldn't make much sense in a short amount of words so i will just say keep your eyes peeled for a video of it on my site after I finish it at the end of the month.  This will be a test piece for the even better ideas I have for the future and will hopefully be a great example of my idea to include in my future grant proposals.

I really appreciate all the support you have given me over the years and I hope I can keep adding colour to your lives and hopefully inspire you to be creative and to reconnect with nature on a regular basis.  If you are interested in how you really connect with nature check out on youtube or anywhere on line Dr. Masaru Emoto's experiments on water.  Some of you might have seen the film "What the Bleep do we know" that had a short section about Dr. Emoto's work... if you haven't seen it check it's mind opening!

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