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State Of The Art

For the next 10 days Whistler is a hot spot for arts, culture and sports.  The World Ski and Snowboard festival is in full swing now and the weather has been great to help things along the way.

I have been working hard on a number of new pieces that are featured in the State of the Art show.  It's a very high profile show with some big names in art gracing the walls with their works.  I have been fortunate enough to be involved with it again this year and I have done some cool new pieces for it.  They are all in a more graphical style than my usual landscapes and I REALLY like what I have created.  All the pieces have been coated with a super smooth and glossy acrylic resin and the colours really pop!

I have attached a photo of my wall at the show.  The background was painted black and white to match the style of the pieces and it seems to add a lot to the overall effect.

In other news, I am working on a couple pieces for Parks Canada for the 125th anniversary of Glacier National Park at Rogers pass.  I will be doing a summer and a winter piece of some of the epic views you get in the park.  I am really excited for this as the pieces will be displayed in the visitors center and prints will be available there...REALLY COOL!  so if you are passing through Rogers Pass during the summer stop in at the visitors center and have a gander at what I have created.

I'm off to enjoy the festival right now!  More updates to come

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