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Spring has Sprung

Spring is finally upon us!  The sun is out, cherry blossoms on the trees and the snow is melting.  It was a great season in the mountains, but I mut say I am ready for the sunshine!

The past 6 months have been incredible for me.  My involvement with Raincoast's "Art for an Oil Free Coast" project was a huge success.  I got to join in the project with Canadian art legends Robert Bateman, Roy Henry Vicker, Mae Moore, and Mark Hobson just to name a few of the 50.  The art show travelled around BC since November to raise awareness and strike up conversations about the controversial proposal for the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline.  After travelling up there this summer and developing a personal bond with the area I must say, THIS CAN"T HAPPEN!!  If you have paid any attention to the news over the past while you will realize that Enbridge has been batting a '0' on it's pipeline saftey with nearly a spill a month... shame shame.  The grand finally of the show was when it was taken to city hall in Calgary to raise awareness of what politicians over there simply view as "good for the Albertan economy", but over here in BC it is an irreperable part of livlihood.

There was lots of constroversy in Calgary with the exhibit and lots of press... so mission accomplished!!  Here are some links if you want to read more about that:

In other news I have finally finished my second commission for Parks Canada's Glacier National Park.  My piece "Sir Donald" will be hanging in the visitors center in Roger's Pass on a permanent basis along side with the "Swiss Peaks" piece that I did for them.  Both the pieces are of prominent peaks in the Park.  And in my eyes some of my best works.  It's a real honor to have pieces in a National Park that will be there long after I am dust in the wind.
Just this past week during the World Ski and Snowboard Festival in Whistler I participated in the always amazing "State of the Art" show at the conference center.  I did a series of rainbow coloured winter tree pieces in a large and a small version and they were very well received!  I sold 5 before anyone had even seen them and 2 more of the large ones on opening night.  The 3 remaining pieces will be up for sale on my site soon.
I also managed to crsuh my fear of public speaking with a 13 minute presentation for the MountainLife "Multiplicity Show" which was a fundraiser for the Spearhead Hut Project.  The project will make it easier and safer for people to enjoy backcountry skiing in Garibaldi Park.  I did a presentation on my journey of art and guiding and how building a bond with nature at a young age can help to program a respect for nature for the rest of your life.  I will have a video of my presentation up on my site as soon as I get my hands on the footage.
I will continue to post discounts, special offers and originals for sale on my Facebook Fanpage because it is the easiest platform to use for interactions.  Pieces sell quick on there socheck it out from time to time to see what's new and if there are any upcoming auctions online :)
I hope you all have an incredible spring and spend lots of time outdoors!!!
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