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Saving Our Coastline

This summer I had the honor of joining a team of 50 artists in a project to help raise awareness about the risks of allowing oil tankers on our coastline as well as the hazards of the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline. I got to join an expedition aboard MAPLE LEAF a 108 year old wooden tall ship... what an incredible boat!!! WE traveled along Douglas Channel and the route out into Hecate Straight that they are proposing to bring over 225 super tankers through a year. Through our first hand experiences of the area we all developed a close bond with the area as well as the animals that live there.

All of the artists involved in the "Artists for an oil free Coastline" project are donating a piece of art that will be featured in a beautiful coffee table book and be in a traveling art show and will be auctioned off at the end of it. The proceed will go to Raincoast Conservation Foundation in the effort to protect our fragile environment.

The piece I did for the project shows the small string of islands on the edge of Hecate Straight where they propose to bring the Tankers. There are so many rock reefs looming under the water that would rip the sides of the vessels open effortlessly. My piece, entitled "What lies Beneath", shows that fragile line between surface and under water that hides one world from the other. The area that would be devastated by a spill.

I will have more information on the project as well as where to purchase the books to support the cause as it becomes available to me.

I hope you like the piece!

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