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Saving Our Coast Line

Artists for an oil free coast

On June 30th I am joining a group of BC artists on an expedition along the coastline of the Great Bear Rain Forest, the proposed shipping route they want to bring massive super tankers through to transport oil from Alberta overseas to China.

This idea is absolutely preposterous and inevitably horribly damaging to our fragile coastline. Hecate Straight is the 4th most dangerous waterway in the world due to intense and unpredictable weather conditions. The group I am joining is doing a week long trip to become connected to the area and then translate our experiences into works of art we will be donating to help protect our fragile environment that cannot protect itself against environmental monsters like Enbridge.

Here is a link to the site for more information about the organization we are supporting. Please do your part to protect our environment. If we don't ALL act now there will be nothing left for our future generations aside from pictures and stories form the elders!

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