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Rivers and Oceans Week

In BC it seems summer is here in full force and everyone will most likely be heading to a lake a river or an ocean to cool off over the next week.  While you are out enjoying the gifts of mother nature keep in mind that this week is all about protecting our precious rivers, lakes and oceans.

From June 7th until June 13th is "Rivers to Oceans Week" in Canada.  And Monday June 8th is World Oceans Day

I encourage you all to enjoy and appreciate the water on our planet.... be mindful of your water consumption and what you put down the drain!  I was just having a conversation with my dad the other day and we began to realize the extent of the toxins we simply flush down the drain without a second thought.  He has recently gone through his second round of Chemo and to his surprise he was told that anything that comes out of his body (pee and poo) was to be treated as toxic waste and haz-mat gloves should be worn in the handling of it incase there were any spills... BUT... and this is a big BUT... you can just flush it down the tiolet like a a regular bowl movement??!!!  Does this seem odd to you that we are encouraged to simply flush 'toxic waste' down the toilet??  All the birth control that gets flushed down with each pee, the toxic chemicals from household cleaning and the chemicals used in modern farming.  These chemicals just keep getting added day by day and they are starting to noticably build up in the planets water supply.

Here is an informative documentary that looks at the planet as a whole and how mankind is damaging our oceans.  After watching it I'm sure you will think twice about how you interact with water.


THIS WEEK I AM OFFERING A 15% OFF  SPECIAL ON ALL MY RIVER AND OCEAN PRINTS.  As well I will be donating 10% of the proceeds to The Pacific Salmon Foundation.  I personally love salmon, as do so many people, and they really need help.  From pollution in our rivers, streams and oceans to the destruction of spawning habitat they have had a rough go and could really use our help!  I have donated to the Pacifc Salmon Foundation several times in the past and really believe in their initiatives.  Please check out the link below if you want to learn more about what they are all about.

USE COUPON CODE: Protect_our_water


Here are some links for a number of Charities I am involved with and believe in:

Pacific Salmon Foundation

Raincoast Conservation Foundation

Artists for Conservation

David Suzuki Foundation

Sitka Society for Conservation

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10/27/2017 4:35 PM
Amazing man, so blessed to know him and to have his art to remind us of who he is every moment. I know you are there Chili, there are days both Harry and I speak of you with love and laughter for the friendship and love. Kathy