The Green Giant

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Chili called this piece "The Green Giant" because it was the biggest wave he had ever faced whilst surfing. "This rogue wave started to break waaaayyyyy on the outside and I was trapped right in the impact zone," he explained. "I tried a deep duck dive to save my board from the crushing weight of the wave. For a moment I thought I was in the clear, but then I was sucked over the falls of this monster and was struggling to hold my breath. When I finally reached the surface and got a huge breath in I thought, "that wave nearly killed me... I have to paint it!'"
The original canvas ended up being the largest piece Chili ever painted and took hundreds and hundreds of hours to complete.

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Chili Thom

Chili Thom was one of Canada’s preeminent landscape painters, with over 400 original pieces hanging in collections around the globe. Until his untimely death from cancer in 2016 at age 40, Chili lived in British Columbia’s Coast Mountains and pulled artistic inspiration from his time spent exploring the mountains, forests, and coastline of his home.

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