Somewhere In The Rockies

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This is actually what this mountain looks like. It's up Chatter Creek in the Rockies. A photographer friend of Chili's saw this mountain on a ski trip and shot a whole roll of film thinking it would make a great painting... and it did! One thing that makes this piece unique is the perspective—the majority of Chili's mountain paintings are from ground perspective—as if a hiker or ski-tourer were taking the view from a ridge or valley. The source photos for this were taken from a helicopter so this is Chili's only aerial perspective mountain painting.

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Chili Thom

Chili Thom was one of Canada’s preeminent landscape painters, with over 400 original pieces hanging in collections around the globe. Until his untimely death from cancer in 2016 at age 40, Chili lived in British Columbia’s Coast Mountains and pulled artistic inspiration from his time spent exploring the mountains, forests, and coastline of his home.

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