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Painting for Parks Canada

Last summer I had the amazing fortune of being contacted by Parks Canada and asked to do a couple of paintings for the 125th Anniversary of Glacier National Park.  The Park is located outside of Revelstoke BC, smack dab in the middle of Rogers Pass.  If you have ever driven through the Pass, especially in the winter, you are familiar with the epic mountain vistas you see throughout the Park and if you haven't it's well worth the visit.  Here is a link for more information on this park

The piece I decided to do for the winter scene is that of Swiss Peaks.  It's one of the prominent peaks you see as you are approaching the newly renovated Visitors Center in the middle of the Park.  It is a popular area in the winter for ski touring and has some great hiking in the summer as well.  As for the summer piece I am still doing... I haven't quite decided yet which view I wish to capture.  I am leaning toward Sir Donald though.

In September I was asked to come to the Park to Present my painting to Parks and the Chief of the Canadian armed forces.  Why the military you ask??  For the past 50 years an Artillery regiment of the Canadian Army has been doing avalanche controlling and keeping the highway safe.  For the celebration I got to witness the military band play the 1812 Overture with LIVE artillery rounds for the cannons... It was definitely loud and impressive!

I am truly grateful for this opportunity with Parks and I look forward to creating my next piece for them as well as a new piece in a couple of years for Revelstoke National Park's 125th Anniversary.  I have had the great fortune of being included in Park brochure and  my paintings will be hung in the Visitors Center.  If you are passing through on a summer road trip or going for a winter tour, stop in and check out the piece in's one of my best!

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3/4/2018 7:22 PM
What a panting.   You really captured the spirit of the place!  Couldn't stop looking at it in the visitor centre.  Quite a surprise;)