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On to something new

For the past while I have been trying to figure out a good way to do some really cool pieces using lots of texture.  I have tried many times and in my eyes, not always succeeded...until now.

I just finished this piece a week and a bit ago and I feel that I finally hit the nail on the head with it!

The textured pieces have been really fun for me to play with and I look forward to doing some really large sized ones in the near future.

The really cool thing I like about these pieces is that they all came about from me spreading waste paint while I am working on other pieces onto a spare canvas.  i always felt bad about wasting an excess paint I mixed and I try to be as green as possible when I paint.  By recycling my paint I get to save the planet a little bit more and create some cool texture on my canvases at the same time.  And I dont have to spend a whack load of money on special texture compounds from the paint manufacturers!!  Bonus!!

This piece is called "Sunrise on a new idea"  and I love it!.  Really stoked to do some more pieces like it.

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