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New Parks Canada Piece Hot Off The Press

A few exciting new things in the world of art.  I have been in hibernation/creation mode for the past month and have created some amazing new works and limited edition T-shirt as well.

For the past 5 years I have had a certain painting on my list of to-do's and for one reason or another it has been moved from list to list to list for years.  It has been one of those things that has always been looming over my shoulder giving me a little poke every time I was painting saying "paint me now...paint me now".  Finally I listened to what it said and created this piece.  I still haven't decided on a title for it yet, but it will be soon to come.  The piece is 24"x48" image of an alpine meadow at sunrise looking across the Whistler Valley.  It took a long long time due to all the detail, but it was well worth the wait.  There will be a very small limited edition run of Giclee prints of this one and I will be posting info for that soon.

Another piece that I just finished was a commission by Parks Canada for Glacier National Parks 125th anniversary.  The piece is of Swiss Peaks.  One of the prominent peaks you see while driving through Rogers Pass.  The piece will be displayed at the Visitors Center in the Park.  Another painting is coming during the summer and it will be of the same peak, but in summertime with a field of alpine flowers in the foreground.  I totally lucked out with this arrangement with Parks and I will be selling prints out of the visitors center...AMAZING!!!  I'm hoping to team up with Parks Canada and do paintings of various Parks across the country, fingers crossed on that one.

I also have just released a limited edition run of T-shirts featuring my painting "Basscoast Beauty". they are available for one month and can be purchased or ordered from Studiotique at 617 Kingsway in Vancouver.  The phone number is 604 736 5651.  I don't have a link yet for online ordering, but I should have it soon.  I've attached an image of what the shirts will look like.  There aren't very many out there so grab one today and be one of the lucky ones.

Whistler Art Workshops on the Lake are rapidly approaching.  I am teaching a 3 day beginer acrylics class and I think there is still one slot left.  I will be going over everything you need to know to get started as a painter as well as tips to make you a better painter.  This will be my third year of teaching and I have had great feedback from all my classes.  You can book online HERE

Another cool thing on my plate is some design work.   I am doing a series of paintings to be used for packaging and marketing for an organic fertilizer company caller Rainworks.  It's was a bit of a weird opportunity, but a really neat one as well.  the more ways to get creative the better I always say.

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