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Mid Way Through The Show

It's 7pm right now and this is the halfway point of the group show at the art gallery. It has been great. Over a hundred people through here already and the next night time onslaught is about to happen. Sales have been good and the artistic turnout is amazing. The best artists in the area have come together to put on a fantastic show! Paintings, sculpture, jewelery, prints, t-shirts and stickers. I did a video walk through,but I cant upload it from my compuer...soon I promise, just so you can see what it looks like in here!

This is the start of the revoluton in Whistler in terms of art and culture. Keep an eye out on ths town cuz things are changing and the artists are on the forefront! It feels really awesome to finally have a space that can showcase to the world what a great art scene we have in this part of the world.

Thanks for the support... keep your eyes's all happening now!!

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