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Live Streams

Well yesterday I tried out the live painting stream on the net while I was in the studio last night.  It went pretty well... I didnt have any feedback so I wasn't even sure if the audio was working so I wasn't really talking that much.  It did however draw 51 viewers so I'm really stoked with that on my first go.  Definitely keep your eyes peeled on the site, twitter and facebook to see when I'll be doing it again (maybe even tonight)  I'll be putting up random promotions in front of the screen that you can get if you are watching.  Last night I offered up 50% off of paper prints, pretty good deal if I do say so myself.

As I get a better camera and mic and get a little more comfortable talking to a computer screen i will be trying online classes.  I'll promote the time a few days in advance and what subject i will be covering and then, if you are artistic at all, you can have your paints ready and go through a bit of an online class.  Through I can have a chat window open on the broadcast so you will be able to sign in and ask questions.  My web guy is trying to figure out a live text stream on my blog page on my site so you can write in with questions and I will try to respond to them throughout the show...keep in mind I am new with this so I will be getting better as I go along.  There is also a cool record feature on ustream so I can record little bits of advice, much like my 'Chili Tips' on the tv show, and then have them on my blog archive so you can go back and look at a huge variety of pointers and advice that will be accumulating over the years.  I intend to keep this up for a long time.

It'll be a cool thing for you to be able to check out the progress of whatever piece I am working on and get deals and tips as it all progresses.

Just a little reminder that the 20% print sale is still on until the 15th...

codes for paper:  BoB_RoSS_1

giclee  : BoB_RoSS_2

I hope to catch you online at some point and look forward to offering up advice to all you artistic folk!

Keep on creating!!!

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