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Just Days Away

Wow! Only 3 days until the 2010 Olympic Games. It's been a long build up to the famed games. Loads of construction, parking restrictions, guys with guns and mandatory buses. Right now it's the calm before the storm. We all have our fingers crossed in Whistler that all the games have to offer will be offered to Whistler and not just Vancouver.

It's been years of long days and late nights for me to get ready for the next month and a bit and I'm feeling confident that I couldn't be any better situated than I am now to really benefit from the worlds media exposure. I'm on the top 7 list of people to talk to in terms of art and culture...that goes a long way!

I am just about finished sorting out my stock and stretching all my prints. Once I have all my stock up and the gallery organized I will do a little video walk through for those of you who live far away from Whistler. It'll look full and amazing! I'm really stoked with what i have managed to build up and create all from the fruits of my creativity!

I just got hired to do some live painting in the Athletes Village on the 15th...that's just across the highway from my gallery so hopefully that will help bring over some traffic.

Well...wish me luck! Thanks for following my updates and offering your support!

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