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Graffiti Timelapse

Time lapse of Graffiti piece in Berlin from Chili Thom on Vimeo.

I met up with a friends brother while I was in Berlin and we went to an old abandoned Ice Factory, which is a Graffiti hotspot in the city and did these pieces in an afternoon.
I have always liked octopus' and felt inclined to do a piece of one... I hope you enjoy!!

I just recently went on a trip to Europe and in my travels I did a graffiti piece in an old abandoned Ice Factory in Berlin. It is a graffiti hot spot and is covered from floor to ceiling throughout the entire building. While we were there there was a model shoot, some other artists, spectators and a few kids playing paintball. It was a super relaxing afternoon sipping on wine and chatting with people in a really cool setting. I did it with a friend I met down there who writes as 'Oben'... German translation 'above'. Super huge thanks to him for showing me such a cool place to do my art in.

The music for the video was done by my friends Wicked Lester from Vancouver.

I will be filling you in on more specifics of my travels soon... just getting late at night and I wanted to share this before I head to bed :)

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