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Gearing Up For Big Changes

I'm gearing up for some big changes in my life in the near future!

My battle with cancer has really opened my eyes to what is important to me and what I want to do with my life.  After spending nearly 20 of my formative years growing up in Chilliwack I did half a year of treavelling and then settled in Whistler.  I recently turned 40 during my 3 1/2 month stay in the hospital and came to a realization that there is so much more to this planet than I have seen already.  I have spent the past 20 years exploring the wonders of Whistler, Squamish and the whole Sea to Sky Corridor and I have painted so many of the landscapes over and over again as I experienced them at different times of the day and in different seasons.

My trip to Ireland a year ago really opened my eyes to the joys of painting new landscapes and working with the different colour pallettes that Mother Nature has to offer.  This got me thinking... it's time to explore even more!  Fortunately my wife managed to get a match for her medical residency in Billings Montana.  Just an hour from Yellowstone and not far from some other amazing natural landmarks and great ski hills I have always wanted to explore.  After just 2 days of driving through Yellowstone alone I can see a lifetime of exploring and painting.  That doesn't even include Devil's Tower in Wyoming that I have always wanted to climb and the Teton Range and the amazing spires capped in snow in the winter.  The colours of the sunsets are way different that in the mountains on BC and I am excited to explore new colours, new forms and have new adventures.

It's also a huge bonus that, strangely enough I will be able to have access to better healthcare and the most cutting edge targetted immunotherapy drugs around today.  It's a triple win to make the move in my eyes.  BC will always be my home.  It's in my blood and it shaped who I am today.  I will not be far away and will continue to explore and create both north and south of the border.  You can expect a whole new shift in my style with more exciting colours and surreal landscapes all powered by my will to survive, to explore and to create!

I have a studio full of giclees and prints that need to find new homes before I cross the border so I am having a studio sale on the 23-24th of July.  As I am moving I will need to find a new printer as well so my prices will have to go up deal with all the new proofing and set up costs.  So this is a great chance to come and get a piece at a  great price and help me into the next stage of my adventurous life!

Thank you for all of your support over the years :)

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