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From Dusk to Dawn (original)

This is a painting that Chili did following his honeymoon with his first wife, Kelsey Faery, in 2002. A good friend of theirs, Victor Beresford, had told them about this wonderful promontory somewhere on the Baja Peninsula where you could watch the sun come up over the ocean in the east just as the moon was setting over the ocean in the west. Chili and Kelsey spent a night on this promontory then watched the sunrise and moonset. This painting, one of his earlier master works, was inspired by what he witnessed and felt that morning.

Victor, fittingly, acquired the painting. He and his wife Heather have generously donated this original painting for the benefit of Chili's 3 year old daughter, Poppy. All funds raised from the sale will go to a trust fund for Poppy. Chili's and Poppy's family are incredibly grateful to the Beresfords.

All of Chili's original paintings are held in private collections. To our knowledge, this is the only Chili original that is available or will be available for sale.

It can be viewed in person at the Audain Art Museum in Whistler. Admission to the Chili Thom Experience at the Audain Museum is free.

UPDATE: Dimensions are: 46" x 26". Painted in 2003