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Fresh Starts & Inspiration

So the past 8 months have been an amazing transformation for me. I have attempted to shed off the old and start fresh with a new eye on what is going on in my head now. From travels abroad to challenging myself to a Pecha Kucha presentation when I have a fear of public speaking.... or should i say had! I have challenged myself over the past 8 months to move well beyond my comfort zone to seek out new inspiration and gather new insights on myself and on my art.

Before my travels I did my best to sell any of my older pieces or experimental pieces which might still hold my art to what it used to be. i am in a process now of developing my style into more self contained images with a slight twist on my current style/ As an artist I am tortured with a plethora of images stuck in my head that I am doing my best to get out. All art is a process and sometimes you need to dig deep within yourself to pull out the little bits and pieces that cloud your vision. I have always used art as personal therapy and unfortunately my best work tends to pop up whilst I am processing personal issues...not saying I am all messed up, well at least more so than the average person... but I view life as a quest and a personal challenge to master your thoughts and feelings and manifest your life exactly as you wish it to be. It's a fun, frustrating and challenging process... but damn is it hard on your mind!

I recently returned from an inspiration seeking trip in Europe... and I am inspired!!! It was so nice to see buildings and art older than a couple hundred years. I have been trying for the past year to clean up all the commissions and pieces I have started on a tangent and then walked away from. I have just finished 2 canvases I have been staring at for over a year and I have 2 more to go before I explode into a new creative light!

Have a peek... it's all part of the process... I'm excited to make my outside world look like the world in my mind!

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