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Giclee Printing Process

What is a Giclée Print?

A Giclée print is a true-to-the original, high quality art reproduction of a painting or other one dimensional artwork. It can also be high quality prints of digital photography. Giclée is a French word, meaning “spurt” and refers to the Inkjet printing process where ink is spurting from the print head nozzle onto the substrate. 

When using the process for art reproductions, the process starts with a high-resolution capture of the original artwork. Depending on the media used in the original, the digital capture requires complex, electronic image editing procedures to achieve an exact colour match and the tonality true-to-the original. After the sign-off by the artist of an accurately printed proof, the edition is ready to be printed. 

The printing processed is done on Inkjet printing equipment, outfitted with the primary printing colours and many other supporting, secondary colours. This allows for an expanded (wider) colour gamut (spectrum) that can not be achieved with standard printing equipment. It is required to match the characteristics of oil, acrylic or watercolour paints as best as achievable. 

To ensure the highest possible longevity (amount of years displayed before any fading can be noticed) or to avoid yellowing of the printing substrate, the ink and the media must be chosen carefully. While the ink manufactures publish longevities for 100 years or longer, nobody really knows for sure what the actual time will be. The materials used for the Chili Thom Giclées are of the highest quality available in the marketplace.


Canvas, Paper and Stretcher Bar Specifications for Chili Thom Giclée Prints 

Exhibition Paper

This 300gsm (grams per square meter), heavyweight, archival exhibition–quality luster paper is coated with the latest technology materials to produce an extra wide colour gamut.  

Fine Art Paper

This 300gsm (grams per square meter), 100% cotton rag paper is acid and lignin-free and of archival quality. It is bright white and its appearance and offers an expanded colour gamut with maximum contrast. 

Fine Art Canvas

This 415gsm (grams per square meter), cotton/poly blend canvas is lightly textured for a true canvas look. After printing, the ink is sealed with a water resistant clear coat to enhance the colour gamut and archival quality.     

Stretcher Bars

The stretcher bars are made from BC lumber and available 0.75” deep (from wall to printed surface) for side stapled Giclée prints or 1.375” deep for back stapled Gallery wrapped Giclée prints. They are “true” stretcher bars that can be expanded by inserting wedges (not provided) on the inside corner cavities. This can be useful in case the canvas expands and loses its tightness due to severe temperature and/or humidity changes. 

The 0.75” deep stretcher bars are wrapped with black artist tape around the perimeter of the prints to hide the staples on the sides of the bars and to make it display ready. The stretched Giclée on 0.75” bars are also ideal for framing.

The 1.375” bars are used for Gallery Wrapped Giclée prints where the image is wrapped around the sides of the stretcher bars. They are ready for display without framing.

Please note: the hanging wires and hanging hardware are not included.


The Proper Care and Handling of Canvas and Paper Giclée Prints


Displaying and Storing

As with any original artwork, avoid displaying your Giclée print in areas exposed to direct sunlight. Display or store your Fine Art Giclée in a location with normal humidity levels and a minimum amount of ultra violet light.

Handling and Cleaning

We recommend handling Giclée prints the same way as you would with any original artwork. Avoid contact with other objects or any liquids. Clean your Giclée print with a soft, lint-free cloth. Do not use water or any household cleaners!

Limited Warranty 

We guarantee the materials while the prints are in transit and until received in good order by the customer. Thereafter, we do not assume any responsibility for damaged prints due to, but not limited to, framing, rough handling, cracking and fading, or for prints brought in contact with moisture.

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About Our Printer:

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Refunds & Returns

Please be aware that we do not offer refunds, returns, or exchanges except in the case of prints damaged during shipping or otherwise flawed. Please also be aware that due to differences in the monitor you use, and the monitor’s settings, the colour of the print may be slightly different than what you see on your screen. There are no returns, refunds, or exchanges due to the colour being slightly different than you expected, the size not fitting your wall like you expected, etc.