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Excitement on the Horizon

Some pretty cool things coming up for me in the next little while all to do with art!

The Basscoast Music Festival in Squamish from August 3-9th will be showcasing musical talent from both local acts and big names from around the globe in the electronic music industry. Including yours truly. I get to play my set at 8pm on Sunday the 9th on the stage I am designing. I have been working with a small team on the Slay Bay stage for the festival. I have been tirelessly cutting out all sorts of shapes out of plywood and conceptualizing an interactive stage incorporating human power to spin and light different elements. It has been a mental challenge and a lot of work but I am really looking forward to seeing it all come together once we start the install in a week. I will have some pictures and videos of it all once it's set up and in action.

The next thing is the piece I am doing and donating to the Raincoast Conservation Foundation to help protect our fragile coastline form the threat of Oil Tankers. After heading up and sailing the proposed tanker route and seeing and connecting with the beautiful and extremely fragile environment up there I am determined to do my part to help protect it. Over the next month I am doing a substantial piece showing the fragile line between the water and the land (the zone to be most affected by a spill). The artwork will be part of a travelling art show with 50 hand selected artists to raise awareness of the dangers of the pipeline project and the beauty of the area and what's at stake. The art show will take place in October and travel around to major city centers and then all the pieces will be auctioned off to raise funds to help protect our environment. I will be showing alongside of art legends such as Robert Bateman andRoy Henry Vickers... what an honor!

To help me cover costs while I am volunteering all those hours I have done a number of small test pieces to work out the colours of the main piece and I have just posted them on my Facebook fanpage. Please have a look and see if you like any of them and would like to help me in my mission to protect our coastline.

Here is the link to my fanpage:

While you are at it, if you are a facebook member, please click like and help support my artistic endeavors. From time to time I post specials and small pieces for sale on there before anyone else gets to see them. So it is a great way the get a hold of original artwork for a steal of a deal.

Aside from that there are several upcoming proposals for some public art installations in Whistler that, fingers crossed, get approval to be started around the end of August. I can't say much more about them, but wish me luck that we get the chance to beautify the town just a wee bit more than it already is!

Enjoy your summer!

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