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Ever want to make love to a painting?

Ever want to make love to a painting?

Have you ever been so into something that you wish you could make love to it, even if it is an inannimate object? Might sound wierd... but I have!

I just finished doing a high gloss resin coat on my "Basscoast Beauty" painting and I absolutely LOVE IT! It looks super sleek and super sexy now. It is rally rewarding to see an idea from 8 years ago turn into something magic. I have wanted to explore the female form in my art for sometime now and I am finally taking action on my desire. After succesfully resin coating my largest piece yet I am STOKED to start down that path. The 18A show in November will be the perfect venue to show you my spin on the human body. I am planning on having at least 5 pieces in the group show that will all be based on the beautiful women I have had the pleasure of getting to know in my life. They will all be resin coated, high gloss, highly sassy pieces and I can't wait to share them with you. In addition to the paintings I plan on putting their images on T-shirts and maybe even making stickers so definitely keep your eyes peeled for those!

Quick question for you... how many of you would be interested in seeing my art on t-shirts or stickers? I have been contemplating doing this for sometime, but haven't taken the leap yet because of an uncertain outcome.

I hope you all get a chance to enjoy the last bit of summer we have before the snow flies. There has already been snow on the mountains up here in Whistler... please mother nature, just a few more weeks!!

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