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Chili Thom - His Masterpieces - Interactive 3D Walkthrough

Chili Thom - His Masterpieces

Its been almost a year and half since all the Sea to Sky communities came together for the Chili Thom Experience, and the further out we get the more I appreciate what an incredible tribute that was, and what an impact Chili had on the world. There were thousands of great stories and so many incredible art shows and events. Thankfully, Arts Whistler had the wherewithal to capture as much of that month of Chili-palooza as possible. And one of the really kick-ass things that came out of that is this 3D immersive capture of the “Masterpieces" show at the Audain Museum, the “Electric Soul” exhibit at the Maury Young Arts Centre as well as the “Little Chili’s” at the Whistler Public Library and the "Collecting Chili Thom” display in the Whistler Museum.

For anyone who missed those epic shows, and for those of us that are still remembering them but could use another peak, this immersive environment is the next best thing to time-travel. You can “walk” the shows and see every piece as it hung.

Tips: - In the south-eastern corner of the Audain Masterpieces show there is a list with links to the other venues.

  • On the lower level of the “Eclectic Soul” exhibit there’s a glass case with Chili’s old jean jacket vest. You can scroll/zoom in to read the patches – “Lasers and Explosions RULE”
  • If you can high-kick better than the Chili decal on the main level of that “Eclectic” show… you will be a hit at parties.
  • The Little Chilis were all painted by local elementary school kids who studied Chili’s life and work in class. A number of the schools in the Sea to Sky have begun teaching “Chili” to art students.
  • If you go by his pre-school drawings, Chili wanted to be a “scuba diver” when he grew up. On that note let’s end this blog with “Burnaby Narrows” which I think Chili considered one of the best pieces he’d ever done. Scuba’s-eye view

Thanks for reading and appreciating Chili.

Feet Banks

Burnaby Narrows by Chili Thom

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