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In Celebration of Spring

Well today is the first day of Spring. The days are longer and the cherry blossoms are starting to bloom down in Vancouver. I love this time of year. It's the start of something new, a time of hope and it means we will soon be running around in the sunshine in the great outdoors. It's a time of grea...

Whistler Art Workshops

I am going to be doing an art workshop up in Whistler in mid June.  It's going to be all about the creative process and I will be teaching a series of steps to grab inspiration out of thin air and turn it into a masterpiece.  Below is a little info sent to me by the Whistler Arts Council.


Painting for Parks Canada

Last summer I had the amazing fortune of being contacted by Parks Canada and asked to do a couple of paintings for the 125th Anniversary of Glacier National Park.  The Park is located outside of Revelstoke BC, smack dab in the middle of Rogers Pass.  If you have ever driven through the Pass, especia...

Interesting Article About Me
Interesting Article About Me

Here is an article about me in the Pique News Magazine written by talented Whistler writer Michel Beaudry.  The second part is coming out in next weeks paper.  there might be a little snippet of information you didn't know about me in there!


A sound mind in a sound body is a short but full d...
Tales Of The B-Grade

10 years ago, while making pom poms for a Doctor Suess party with my best friend Feet Banks and partner KLC, an idea was sprung.  We were listening to a Fat Boy Slim album and there was a track called Green Jesus...jokingly I said to Feet "he would make a great superhero!".  we babbled on about maki...

In your Dreams
In your Dreams

Coming up on Nov 17th in Whistler is an art exhibit opening of some really cool art by Sea-to-Sky artists.  The show is called "In Your Dreams" and is focusing on a little more of the surrealist side of the art world.  I have a couple of my resin pieces in the show that I had created last year based...

B-Grade Horrorificness

Blood Quest (part 1) from Chili Thom on Vimeo.

this was the first half of our film submission for the 10th Annual Heavy Hitting B-Grade Horrorfest.
An epic tale about hero's Cocknan and Throbbindong's quest to rid the world of the evil witch Ghonoreena's spell of madness.
It's a little weird and ...

In Your Dreams Exhibit


For immediate release: Friday, October 28, 2011

Whistler, B.C. – The Whistler Arts Council presents the In Your Dreams surrealist exhibit at Scotia Creek Gallery from Monday, November 7 to Thursday, December 15 with an ART NIGHT slated for Thursday, N...

Haida Gwaii Commissioned Painting

Back in August I had the great pleasure of accompanying a family who is commissioning me for a painting on a 7 day sailing trip up in Haida Gwaii and I must say it was a trip of a lifetime!

We had one day on land where we had a great tour of lots of the native cultural sites, a museum as well as th...

Summertime Happenings
Summertime Happenings

I hope summer is going well for all of you so far...that is what summer there has been!  Up in the mountains here in Whistler it has been mighty cold and it is still snowing on the mountain tops on occasion...yikes!  All the excess snow will prolong my trip back to Glacier National Park to get the i...