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Blog posts tagged with 'wssf'

State of the Art

Tonight is the opening night of the "State of The Art" show in Whistler.  It is in the foyer of the Conference center and will be up for the next 10 days.  It's always an incredible show with loads of amazing art from some super talented artists.  If you are up in Whistler over the next 10 days I wo...

Multiplicity Show in Whistler

Overcoming fears and improving the self has been my primary goal over the past year.  As an artist I am afforded a lot of time sitting in one space while I am painting with nothing other than the joy of creative time on my side.  I am very grateful that I am doing this in this day and age where the ...

State Of The Art

For the next 10 days Whistler is a hot spot for arts, culture and sports.  The World Ski and Snowboard festival is in full swing now and the weather has been great to help things along the way.

I have been working hard on a number of new pieces that are featured in the State of the Art show.  It's ...