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Blog posts tagged with 'inspired'

Finding the Muse within

Finding the Muse Within: Inspiration in Art and How to Find It

Inspiration is a strange and often elusive thing. It seems to ebb and flow; arriving in our lives at often unexpected times; then departing just as abruptly. For many, inspiration can be a fleeting experience; yet a powerful one; a mome...

After An Inspiring Summer, Welcome to the Fall!
After An Inspiring Summer, Welcome to the Fall!

After what I can only classify as the best summer I've ever had draws to an end, I'm both excited for what's coming up next and sad to see the season go. Since May I've been on a string of epic adventures in search of self and inspiration. Luckily over the past 5 months I managed to find both. Throu...

Excitement on the Horizon
Excitement on the Horizon

Some pretty cool things coming up for me in the next little while all to do with art!

The Basscoast Music Festival in Squamish from August 3-9th will be showcasing musical talent from both local acts and big names from around the globe in the electronic music industry. Including yours truly. I get ...

Too much awesome!!

After an epic 2 months of traveling I am finally back in the studio and teaming with inspiration. From visions of Dracula's castle under the full moon, a bone church with 40,000 human remains, the splendor of Prague and Graffiti in Berlin. To the wild vast expanse of the Yukon and the majestic wild ...

Fresh Starts & Inspiration

So the past 8 months have been an amazing transformation for me. I have attempted to shed off the old and start fresh with a new eye on what is going on in my head now. From travels abroad to challenging myself to a Pecha Kucha presentation when I have a fear of public speaking.... or should i say h...

Graffiti Timelapse

Time lapse of Graffiti piece in Berlin from Chili Thom on Vimeo.

I met up with a friends brother while I was in Berlin and we went to an old abandoned Ice Factory, which is a Graffiti hotspot in the city and did these pieces in an afternoon.
I have always liked octopus' and felt inclined to do a ...

Gearing Up For An Adventure

This summer has in store for me some really exciting things. From maximum culture to maximum nature and everything in between.

This May I am traveling to Europe to suck in as much culture as I can handle. On my hit list is Dracula's Castle in Transylvania (I'm a horror film nut) Prague, Berlin, Par...

In Celebration of Spring

Well today is the first day of Spring. The days are longer and the cherry blossoms are starting to bloom down in Vancouver. I love this time of year. It's the start of something new, a time of hope and it means we will soon be running around in the sunshine in the great outdoors. It's a time of grea...

Another Goal Accomplished So It’s Time To Move On

It had been one of my dreams to open my own gallery and represent myself, my art and my friends. After the realization of that goal a year ago I am feeling very satisfied and very happy to have had the experience. But now after a very business-full year I have realized that I need time to follow my ...