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Blog posts tagged with 'basscoast'

My Interactive Stage Design

At the start of August the 4th annual BASSCOAST PROJECT music festival happened again up the Squamish Valley...and oh boy did it ever happen!!

The idea for my stage came from an old painting I had done a dance party about 8 years ago. It was the first "live" painting that I had ever done.

In the p...

Excitement on the Horizon

Some pretty cool things coming up for me in the next little while all to do with art!

The Basscoast Music Festival in Squamish from August 3-9th will be showcasing musical talent from both local acts and big names from around the globe in the electronic music industry. Including yours truly. I get ...

Summertime Happenings

I hope summer is going well for all of you so far...that is what summer there has been!  Up in the mountains here in Whistler it has been mighty cold and it is still snowing on the mountain tops on occasion...yikes!  All the excess snow will prolong my trip back to Glacier National Park to get the i...

Ever want to make love to a painting?

Have you ever been so into something that you wish you could make love to it, even if it is an inannimate object? Might sound wierd... but I have!

I just finished doing a high gloss resin coat on my "Basscoast Beauty" painting and I absolutely LOVE IT! It looks super sleek and super sexy now. It is...

A Blast From The Past


What a great summer so far! Been working hard at the gallery on a bunch of new pieces and been at one amazing festival already. I was just at Basscoast Festival last weekend performing doing both live painting and DJing. The piece I chose to do for my live art was a sketch that I did while I w...