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Blog posts tagged with 'art gallery'

Another Goal Accomplished So It’s Time To Move On

It had been one of my dreams to open my own gallery and represent myself, my art and my friends. After the realization of that goal a year ago I am feeling very satisfied and very happy to have had the experience. But now after a very business-full year I have realized that I need time to follow my ...

Video walk through of the Chili Thom Gallery

"A forest for the Trees" artshow walk through - from Chili Thom on Vimeo.

This is a video walk through of a really cool art show I had at my gallery in the summer. IT was a collaborative work of 26 Sea-to-Sky Corridor artists and included, paintings, photos, sculpture and installation art.
The sh...


Today is the big day for the opening of "A Forest for the Trees" art show at the Chili Thom Art Gallery in Whistler's Function Junction. It looks amazing and sales have ben good. Reception is tonight at 7:30PM and then a bit of an after party. I'll have a video walk through of the show up soon! Enjo...

Art Show Flyer

Here is the show flyer for the upcoming "A Forest For The Trees" art show at the Chili Thom Gallery.... hope to see you there!

New Prints Released

Hi everyone,

Summer is finally here and it's lake time.. at least for some. I'm going to be spending my days and nights getting ready for "A Forest for the Trees" art show at the Chili Thom Art Gallery on August 14th. I've been talking with the other artists involved and it is shaping up to be amaz...

What's New At The Art Gallery

As everything in life, the gallery is evolving constantly.
As I slowly get my business savvy down and my books etc. sorted, things are getting easier to manage here all by my lonesome. I am trying to keep everyone up to date with what has been going on..sometimes it takes me a while though... c'est l...

Mid Way Through The Show

It's 7pm right now and this is the halfway point of the group show at the art gallery. It has been great. Over a hundred people through here already and the next night time onslaught is about to happen. Sales have been good and the artistic turnout is amazing. The best artists in the area have come ...


Hi there,

Sorry it's been a while since my last update... I have been going full tilt getting ready for the Olympics that are now only 2 weeks away. I've got my gallery dialed in, my prints all ordered up and pretty much everything else I can possibly do to nail it on my chance of a lifetime... I d...