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Blog posts of '2010' 'August'

Ever want to make love to a painting?

Have you ever been so into something that you wish you could make love to it, even if it is an inannimate object? Might sound wierd... but I have!

I just finished doing a high gloss resin coat on my "Basscoast Beauty" painting and I absolutely LOVE IT! It looks super sleek and super sexy now. It is...

New Prints Available

I just got the proofing back for some new pieces and I now have some new prints available...

I now have paper prints of the following:

  • "Buffalo water" 10 x 33 for $90
  • "Float On" 10 x 40 for $100
  • "Things are looking up" 20 x 24 for $95
  • "A forest for the trees" 12 x 36 for $110

And I have Gi...

Video walk through of the Chili Thom Gallery

"A forest for the Trees" artshow walk through - from Chili Thom on Vimeo.

This is a video walk through of a really cool art show I had at my gallery in the summer. IT was a collaborative work of 26 Sea-to-Sky Corridor artists and included, paintings, photos, sculpture and installation art.
The sh...


Today is the big day for the opening of "A Forest for the Trees" art show at the Chili Thom Art Gallery in Whistler's Function Junction. It looks amazing and sales have ben good. Reception is tonight at 7:30PM and then a bit of an after party. I'll have a video walk through of the show up soon! Enjo...

Upcoming Art Classes


Im off in 3 days for a beautiful surf vacation in NIcaragua...sorry to make you jealous! While I am away I will be filming a short B-grad horror film for our annual B-grade horror film festival...good times I must say!!

My friend Hayley will be looking after the gallery while I am gone. If y...

Saturday Saturday Saturday

Just got back from an amazing weekend at Shambhala music! I got to DJ side by side with some of the biggest names in electronic music today and got to play a set of 50's rock 'n roll to boot.

My head is a little foggy right now, but I am on track to my the show opening on saturday an...

A Blast From The Past


What a great summer so far! Been working hard at the gallery on a bunch of new pieces and been at one amazing festival already. I was just at Basscoast Festival last weekend performing doing both live painting and DJing. The piece I chose to do for my live art was a sketch that I did while I w...