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Blog posts of '2010' 'March'

22 Hours and Counting

Wow! I thought I was busy for the Olympics... My Paralympic involvement has been off the hook.

After Headline DJing 6 nights in a row on stage at the medals plaza right before the medals each night I am now full tilt boogie on the Paralympics closing ceremony Athletes Parade... Been doing 12 hr day...

Absolutely Tree-riffic

This is a piece I painted Live in the Village Square during the Olympics.

I got to watch my friend Ashliegh McIvor win the Gold Medal for the womens skier cross... it was a very happy day for all of whistler. Because she won gold that day I decided to put a little gold paint in the piece in her hon...

The Olympic After Math

It's been a week now since the Olympics is over... seems like the town is just starting to get back to normal, but it feels different. The general level of Extreme Stokedness during the games has passed...I miss it I must say! But we have the Paralympics coming up next week so hopefully we get the s...