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Blog posts of '2010' 'February'

Lots of celebration, lots of fun and lots of work! Whistler Olympics
Lots of celebration, lots of fun and lots of work! Whistler Olympics

It's been a long fun filled road with the Olympics in my home town. Lots of celebration, lots of fun and lots of work!

I just finished painting in the Athlete's village today and I am gearing up to go DJ at Maxx Fish tonight... and thankfully I have no more scheduled events for the weekend so i wil...

Live painting at the Olympics...

Today I'll be on the Village Stroll at noon painting live so come say hi and watch how it all comes together.

See you there!

And if you haven't made a bid yet on the CTV / WASP peice, there's only a couple hours left. The procedes from this painting are being donated to WASP.

One day left for auction

Well, yet another great day here in Whistler. The sun is shinning and so are all the smiles on literally everyone's faces. Olympic fever has hit Whistler hard... in a good way!

Today I am planning the Parade lead in for the athletes parade leading in to the paralympics at the end of March. I am des...

I love the Olympics!

Wow... I was a bit of a nay sayer about the Olympics before it came to town...but I gotta say, I'm having the best time ever!

I got To DJ at Medals Plaza right before the medals Ceremony lastnight...soooo much fun. the energy was electric and we got our first Gold Medal in Whistler for a Canadian. ...

WASP - Whistler Adaptive Sports Program

The CTV piece I painted live will be auctioned off and the proceeds will go to the Whistler Adaptive Sports Program.

I forgot to include the website before for information, so here it is...

I am DJing at the Whistler Lulu Lemon store tonight. PLaying a fun world fl...

The Games

Well, the hype in Whistler is finally here.

The town is buzzing with free concerts, art and the whole world. It's been a fun few days and it is only building up steam. As more and more medals are won the more the excitment grows!

The Piece that I painted live on CTV's Olympic Breakast will be auct...

CTV Painting Auction Has Begun
CTV Painting Auction Has Begun

HI Everyone. I have just listed the CTV Live painting I did on was the easiest auctioning software I could sort out. the item is listed as:

CTV Olympic Breakfast Live Painting by Chili Thom - 150415021533 happy's for a great cause! Whistler Adaptive Sports Program (WASP) is a...

Olympic Breakfast On CTV

I have just been asked to do a live painting on Olympic Breakfast on CTV, Canada's Olympic station. Should be a good time. I have 6 hrs to complete a piece that will be auctioned off and the proceeds will go to a good cause.

The catch... after working my gallery all day and DJing for 5 hrs tonight ...

It Begins Tomorrow

Well, tomorrow is the big day... The start of the 2010 Olympic Games! The madness will be coming down the line in T Minus 18hrs.

I've been booked for 3 more DJ gigs and one more live painting gig in the Athletes Village. I also am going to be doing some Live Painting for CTV's Olympic show. Dont ha...

Just Days Away

Wow! Only 3 days until the 2010 Olympic Games. It's been a long build up to the famed games. Loads of construction, parking restrictions, guys with guns and mandatory buses. Right now it's the calm before the storm. We all have our fingers crossed in Whistler that all the games have to offer will be...