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Classic Chili, New Prints

The Tantalus Range by Chili Thom circa summer 2002

Three classic Chili Thom Canvasses now available as prints

words: Feet Banks

Chili didn’t have a drum scanner when he was first starting out, or a professional photography studio. After he’d finish a painting, he’d set it up in the on the deck out by the pool and get the best pic he could with whatever digital camera we had on hand. (And yes, for a few years there in the early 2000s Chili was the classic “starving artist”, except with a swimming pool. We’d lucked into an incredible house in Pemberton before the market there really took off. Shout out to Tracy and Dave Beattie for keeping the rent at human levels too. Best landlords we ever had, hands down.)
In any case, this means that much of Chili’s early work was never captured in a format that would work to make prints any larger than a dozen or so inches wide. And since his work always sold quickly, there are a lot of “lost” pieces out there.
But not all. Thanks to his Masterpieces show at the Audain Art Museum in June of 2017, many of Chili’s classic pieces were professionally photographed by Hemlock Printers and will be available as prints. Starting right now…
On the 3-year anniversary of his passing, Chili’s estate is pleased to release three previously unavailable prints from 2000-2005, painted during the years that saw Chili quit his job(s) and focus entirely on building his life as an artist.

Chili in the Brett Carlson Lounge

Feet Banks about to hang a Chili Thom painting in the Bret Carlson lounge

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of hanging an “Across the Valley” print in the Brett Carlson lounge up at the Kees and Claire Hut in the Whistler backcountry. Brett passed away in front of his closest friends while attempting a road gap ski jump in Whistler in January 2000. Chili was on the scene and administered first aid, he watched his friend take his last breath.

Grief counselling was not a common thing in those days, we certainly didn’t receive any, and I know that day affected Chili for the rest of his life. As a group, Brett’s friends banded together and raised funds with the idea of building a backcountry cabin somewhere in the Whistler backcountry to help remember Brett and immortalize his adventurous spirit. We wanted to turn the shittiest thing in our lives into something positive...

Chili Thom - His Masterpieces - Interactive 3D Walkthrough

Chili Thom - His Masterpieces

You're Invited!

The Chili Thom Experience Opening Event


Kick off The Chili Thom Experience with an opening event at the Audain Art Museum to view His Masterpieces exhibit, mix and mingle with the community, and celebrate the Sea to Sky’s favourite artist, Chili Thom.

Reception to follow at 7pm at Maury...

The Chili Thom Experience

This story was originally posted by Arts Whistler

Welcome to Arts Whistler presents The Chili Thom Experience – a celebration of Chili, his life, and his art, for the community that loved him and the visitors about to discover him.

For three weeks in June, the magic and spirit of Chili Thom will b...

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