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Another Goal Accomplished So It’s Time To Move On

It had been one of my dreams to open my own gallery and represent myself, my art and my friends. After the realization of that goal a year ago I am feeling very satisfied and very happy to have had the experience. But now after a very business-full year I have realized that I need time to follow my passion, live my dreams and get inspired and paint more...

Soooo, I am closing down the gallery at the end of November and getting back to my passion for music and art. The final show at the gallery will be called '18A' and will be a collection of fine art nudes and erotica from a great selection of photographers and painters from South Western BC. I think it will be a great send of to an amazing learning experience and launch me into a new direction.

Thanks for everyone's support over the years in helping me live my dream. Now I have new dreams and by breaking free of this space I will be able to manifest them into tangible pieces art for all of you to enjoy!

Stay tuned over the next year for a crazy new style change and some very exciting new images!

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