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A Summer with Purpose

Well... now that we know what our fate is with the newly elected BC government and their stand on pipelines and tankers on our coast. I suggest everyone steps off the pavement this summer and really spends some quality time in the great outdoors.  Go biking, hiking, swimming, boating or anything else you can imagine outdoors.  If we have close personal bonds with nature it would only do good for the world.  When you feel a connection to something like, let's say your arm for example, and then someone (the government or private enterprise) decides they want to come and cut it off to sell on the open market, or use it to transport hazardous waste, I bet you wouldn't be too pleased about that.  In fact I bet you wouldn't go down without a fight and would do whatever it takes to keep that thing that your are connected to!

I believe that the massive disconnect that is happening on our planet, in that man kind is distancing itself from and trying to control nature for personal gain more and more every day.  Is because the powers that be are disconnected from nature themselves.  How can someone who cares about their arm just chop it off and sell it???  I guess if you have no personal attachment to it and you want a new car then it might seem like a good idea for you to trade that up.  But as you go through life you would begin to realize how important that arm was to you and how many things you can no longer do without it.  Nature is our arm... all of our arms and we need to connect with it and protect it as if it is attached to our body.  If you know anything about energy or quantam physics or even basic science you know that we are all connected.  Nothing can happen in the closed system (planet Earth) that doesn't affect the whole of the planet in some way, shape or form.  We need to ensure that we elect officials who HAVE that personal connection with nature and know the cause and effect of their actions beyond the dollars and cents outcomes that they seem only to be concerned with.  Or soon that choice of having a connection with nature will be wiped out... and maybe the Mars One mission will sound even more and more appealing.

So I say to you all... Make this the summer that you go on that camping trip, do that hike, camp under the stars or even just stop and smell the flowers on the side of the road.  Build that bond with nature within you, within your friends and within your children so that you will stand up for it when it needs you the most... Or soon we will all be walking around in disconnect with a piece of ourselves, our planet and our souls missing wondering what went wrong.

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