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A Sigh Of Relief

Ahhhh... i just handed over the keys to gallery and I have finished setting up at my new home studio.  Feels good to have the great taste of freedom once again.  Now I can finally head back into the great outdoors and get inspired yet again to create some amazing new works.  I have a seasons Pass for Whistler and I am ready to go.

I recently was just down in LA to DJ a side stage for a Massive Attack/ Thievery Corporation show and show my went super well.  Then I got flown to San Fran to talk on an NBC travel show about how wicked awesome Whistler is.  I'm back in the saddle at home now and working out of my home studio on my own time.  Right now I am designing 4 T-shirt graphics for a climing shirt line for Mountain Equipment!  super stoked to have been asked to do that.  I believe the shirts will be out in their spring line so have a look in the store once the weather warms up!

Also I am doing another graphic for Prior Snowboards/skiis.  It should be out early next year.  Priors boards and skiis are great so if you want to support a local company and buy quality made in Canada gear go to

Now that Christmas is only 22 days away peole are starting to think about gift buying.  Due to the turn around time on custom prints and shipping if you are planning on ordering anything for a loved one I suggest getting your orders in soon so that I have time to get the prints made that I dont have in stock and get them in the mail to you before Xmas.  As a little holiday bonus I will throw in an art card and postcard for every order made before Dec 15th....and if you purchase over $1000 I will throw in a paper print of "Right place, right time" for Free!

I wish you all the best this holiday season and hope you get a chance to get out and enjoy the snow!


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