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A Blast From The Past


What a great summer so far! Been working hard at the gallery on a bunch of new pieces and been at one amazing festival already. I was just at Basscoast Festival last weekend performing doing both live painting and DJing. The piece I chose to do for my live art was a sketch that I did while I was in Australia 8 years ago and I have been staring at it in my sketchbook since then. I felt a great connection with nature at the festival due to it's amazing location. Right on a river underneath the stunning Tantalus Range in Squamish. It was really fun to visit an idea from my past and bring it to life. IT's completely different from my usual style, but as an artist I believe it's important to branch out, try new things and not pigeon hole yourself into one particular style. I have been asked to do all sorts of tattoos as of late s well as some big contracts for T-shirt designs so my art has taken a bit of a twist to a more graphical style. I look forward to the merger of my two styles over time and the amazingness that will com from it.

A reminder about the "Forest for the Trees" group art show at the gallery. The opening is on August 14th and will be amazing. i'm looking forward to seeing the whole gallery transformed into a forest. I am working hard to get two more pieces finished for the show....hopefully a third if I can go without sleep for a few days.

I'm off to Shambhala Music Festival in Nelson next weekend to dj to thousands of people having fun on the beach...yay! I'm going to be playing all 50's rock 'n roll and I can't wait! I play at 530pm on Friday the 6th if anyone is going to be there.

I hope you like the new piece and the new style!

Have a great day and a great summer!

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