Squamish Arts Council Open house - Meet and greet

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I have been on the Board of Directors for the Whistler Arts Council for 3 years now and have learned a lot about how the organiaztion runs as well as what sort of events and programs work to help build the organization and it's members.  Last March I stepped up to be on the Board of Directors for teh Squamish Arts Council as well.  OUr Board consists of mostly new members and we are more or less starting from scratch to build up our reputation as well as member base in the Squamish area.

We are looking for your feedback and ideas as to what it is you think we should be focusing our attention on and how we can better serve the local arts and culture community of Squamish!  There is a wine and cheese/meet and greet/brainstorming session on November 14th at teh SAC building on Cleveland Ave in Squamish at 7pm.

If you are an artist and performer in the Squamish area or just have an interested in the Arts and Culture Scene please come out and share your thoughts with us!